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Meghan meghanf $1500 / 6 Months

Age 32 years old
Gender Female
Austin, Texas
Not Specified
Interested In Men
Height 5 ft 6 inches
Drinks Socially
Smokes Never
Relationship Status Single
Children Unsure/Open Minded
Exercise Sometimes
Response Rate Moderate
Profile Views 108649

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More About Meghan

First: Yes, I'm fully aware that this profile is going to get traffic based on its previous owner. I read parts of his blog along with everyone else in Austin and... sorry, Romeo, I'm not your type.

I meet very few of the dating requirements on Romeo's original list. I have a job, I'm not a gambler, a stripper or a gold digger and my breasts are my own. I think that's... about it. There may be a few more, but since I don't meet his physical requirements it doesn't really matter, now does it?

Now that I've cleared that up... Hi. I'm Meghan. And since I think it's an interesting experiment, I'm also willing to offer up a $1500 bounty to meet the "man of my dreams".

Since this is probably the first time you've ever been to Crowd Nine, you should know it's not an affiliate site or anything. It's a crowd-sourced matchmaking site. I found out about it because some guy handed my ex a card outside of a karaoke bar awhile back. I'm friends with that guy now. I'm also still friends with my ex. Another strike against me on Romeo's list!

Speaking of karaoke... I like karaoke. I even did Austin Karaoke League for one season, before I decided I didn't like karaoke quite *that* much. I like to take photographs, both with my Nikon and my iPhone. I like to go on walks, read books, take long showers, swim at Barton Springs, go camping, try new things, go to plays and movies and shows. I love music and I love supporting musicians... but I get a little crazy about sound production. Especially when it's bad. I like to sew and craft, build sturdy things with my hands and wear bright colors. I love the ocean. I love to travel, though most of my traveling has been in-country. I'd like to fix that within the next year.

I love my red glasses and am often told I'm built like an earthy gypsy queen. You're either into that or you're not. I'm not a skinny girl, so if you're cool with a whole lotta curves and enthusiasm and a bit of a dirty mouth you're in the right place.

I'm pretty open minded. I'm a feminist. I'm pro-choice. I'm anti-hate. I think people use labels to put other people down while raising themselves up. I want to live an interesting life and I think that is about the people you meet along the way, not about the boxes you put them in.

Meghan's Ideal Match

I want to believe in love at first sight but mostly I believe that love isn't about gender or orientation, how many sexual partners you've had or lists of traits and physical qualities. It's about connecting with someone and wanting it to be more. I'm not in a hurry to find it, because I'd rather be alone than not have that connection.

That being said, I prefer men who are tall, dark and a little geeky. I've been known to equally enjoy men who are short, fair and... well, still a little geeky. And men who don't fall into either of those categories. I also really go for cute and quirky.

I'm here because I'd like to meet some new people, maybe find something more, and I think dating sites are a weird but interesting way to go about doing that. I think the way Crowd Nine is set up is kind of cool and I'm pretty much game to try anything... which is a philosophy I try to apply to most things in my life.

Anything else Meghan would like you to know

I'm a little married to my job. I run a marketing company, Be*Vast Marketing, with one of my best friends in the universe. I work from home (or coffee shops, or hotel rooms on the Oregon Coast) and I love that I get to do something different every day and learn new things. I've been doing this full time for a little over three years. It's fun and it's stressful and it's hard to imagine doing anything else.

I usually try to keep things pretty laid back despite my type A tendencies. I don't really like going out on Friday nights unless there's an event (usually a show) I want to attend. I don't mind crowds but I'd rather stay in with friends and have a dinner party, play some Rock Band or watch a movie.

I have a dachshund named Max. I inherited him from an old roommate. I know people get crazy about dachshunds and little dogs in general... I'm not like that. I do love this particular silly little dog quite a lot, though.

I love music. Love, love, love music. I know I've already said this but it's worth repeating. I am an avid Spotify and Daytrotter user, I collect silk screen band art and I love to go to shows. Introducing me to good music is a surefire way to get me to like you.

I also love stories. Books, movies, TV... I like getting to see the world through someone else's lens, fiction or non-fiction.

Everyone has something they geek out about. Star Wars is that thing for me. I read the post-original trilogy novels (but NOT the pre-original trilogy novels). I've had pets named Jedi Knight, Luke, Leia, Yoda, Solo, Jaina & Mara Jade. I have a small Star Wars tattoo. I'm not ashamed.

I'm also really, really good at Dr. Mario. The only game system I own is an original Nintendo, and I think I have exactly two games for it... Dr. Mario and Mario 2.

But enough about me.... back to the REAL reason you're here.

Romeo may be the hero Austin deserves, but he's not the one it needs right now. Will you help me be Austin's Juliet?


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